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Essential Truth applies equally to everyone, everything, everywhere. A stated Truth, however, is a generalized statement of facts about a situation or condition that interpret its underlying applicability to other environments or similar circumstances.

A stated Truth is often not actually true but rather an apparently fact-based conclusion about the nature or experience of reality, which may not reflect actuality on all levels of awareness. Many factors influence our perception of Truth: society, religion, cultures, corporations, the media, and institutions of all kinds, all prejudice our perspective.

To uncover Essential Truth, every statement must be examined to determine whether all facts have been considered equitably and applied to the condition or situation with an open mind. Prejudiced statements that emphasize only one aspect of a situation or condition are beliefs rather than Truth and must be tested.

The Ponderable Truths List below is presented in no particular order and continues to grow. Contemplate the sentence.  Consider each Truth statement and ask Two Questions:

1) Is this actually True?
2) What does this mean to me?

The Ponderable Truths List
Truths ID Ponderable Truth
1 As you think, so you are.
2 Truth always applies.
3 Peace is the willingness to allow all possibility.
4 Wisdom is intellect tempered by compassion.
5 You are the seed of everything you will be.
6 Reality is that which is, uninterpretted.
7 Focused energy has more power.
8 The work of life is successful when we match internal beliefs and external effort.
9 The path to wisdom is paved with choices.
10 It all depends on how you think.
11 Life is the journey we choose.
12 Being true to your self is the essence of joy.
13 As we live our lives, our lives shape life.
14 It is the job of the mind to produce thoughts; it is your choice whether you pay attention to them.
15 Without you, the universe would be incomplete.
16 Every thought is a seed.
17 Time deteriorates that which doesn't grow.
18 Explaining is external; understanding is internal.
19 Every moment is potential evolution.
20 Evolution is adaptive, not predatory.
21 Every choice changes life's direction.
22 It's never too late to start over.
23 We are never unconscious, only unaware.
24 It is impossible to build your self in the image of someone else.
25 Eternity is the present moment.
26 Selfless values devalue the self.
27 Right choices lead to growth, understanding, and fulfillment; wrong choices bring about limitation, narrow-mindedness, and dissatisfaction.
28 The truly peaceful face every option with equanimity.
29 Peace is the absence of conflict, rather than the absence of war.
30 There is good in every situation.
31 You cannot learn to make the right choices without the right to make the wrong choices.
32 Fear and limitation create conflict.
33 Tomorrow is unknown potential.
34 In the absence of power, inertia is powerful.
35 Thoughts are the building blocks of life.
36 Living the way you want the world to be is the only way to make it so.
37 It is impossible to achieve love by advocating hate.
38 Consciousness at its deepest inmost awareness is tuned to the wavelength of Truth.
39 It takes a long perspective to view reality.
40 Inertia resists change.
41 Truth is limitless.
42 How you feel is your choice.
43 It is not possible to reason with unreasonable people.
44 Life is not a linear progression.
45 Offer by choice and receive with appreciation is a better exchange formula than give and take.
46 The time that counts isn't chronological.
47 Socially acceptable changes daily; timelessly true changes tomorrow.
48 The truth you seek is already known in your deepest awareness.
49 New arises only from change.
50 What you think creates your reality.
51 Opposition only fuels a fight; to stop a fight, you must focus instead on achieving an alternative.
52 Changing the world is as easy as changing your mind.
53 Profound thoughts cannot surface in a mind preoccupied with inconsequential drivel.
54 Exclusion limits; inclusion expands.
55 Excess is as out of balance as deficiency.
56 Truth cannot enter a closed mind.
57 Living universal truth changes the world.
58 Today's choice quickens the seed of tomorrow.
59 Every pause is pregnant with possibility.
60 Now is the moment when the past no longer is and the future is yet becoming.
61 Repetitive preparation is not a new beginning.
62 MindThoughts are not mine but others' learned by habit.
63 Life is an opportunity to learn more.
64 Intuition is the Universe reminding you of what you already know.
65 Gravity of thought exerts a powerful pull.
66 The future flows from current events.
67 Random thoughts really aren't.
68 With sufficient perspective, all the contributing factors become clear.
69 It takes more than a hot idea to bring a creative spark to flame.
70 The most powerful thing you can do is to change your mind.
71 We seek not More but FullFILLment.
72 Intimacy is not a bodily function.
73 We choose the life we live.
74 It is never too late to do the right thing.
75 History illustrates the shared moral and ethical code of a dominant patriarchy.
76 Truth is the first casualty of war.
77 We hold the earth in trust for those yet unborn.
78 Wounding words are weighty weapons.
79 It takes conscious effort to replace old habits with new choices.
80 Action overpowers words.
81 To know the answer, we must first question.
82 Conditional promises are designed to be broken.
83 Any honorable act can endure public scrutiny.
84 Life is a journey to the unknowable.
85 Without want, we have all we need.
86 To think is the only education worth teaching.
87 Where want is unknown, wisdom reigns.
88 Life's fullest potential is realized in wonder of each moment.
89 Living each day with an inner smile brightens your outlook.
90 Virtue/ Ethics/ Right/ Truth/ Justice (take your choice) and politics are mutually exclusive.
91 In a world blinded by fear and limitation, vision must be vocal.
92 Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.
93 To forgive yields more to give and less to grieve.
94 The purpose of life is to live.
95 Truth is timeless.
96 Right for any one are the rights of all.
97 Faith is unfailing trust in your own inner knowing.
98 To live each day as if it were the best is the only way to make it so.
99 A mind open to everything and attached to nothing has infinite potential.
100 Potential is eternal; possibility is brief.
101 Endless accumulation inhibits growth.
102 Growth requires appropriate pruning and clearing rather than endless accumulation.
103 Shared stories create a common bond.
104 Change is progress.
105 A choice is never wrong, though some have difficult consequences.
106 Every choice has consequences.
107 Prejudice deceives.
108 Difficult consequences are opportunities for learning.
109 Every generation challenges the one before.
110 Stories create our world.
111 Offering help is different from telling someone else what to do.
112 Polarizing points in history are those with potential to shift the balance of energy in the universal consciousness from an old extreme to a new order.
113 War ends not in peace but in pieces.
114 You don't have to give up or give in when you can always change your mind.
115 Pain, whether physical or emotional, is a signal that something is wrong.
116 Everyone has the right to have a different opinion, no matter how wrong.
117 To share your self, you must do more than focus on others; you must offer part of what is you.
118 What is most personal is universal.
119 We can learn something from every person we encounter; each knows something we don't.
120 Extremes are divisive; balance brings peace.
121 Peace is a nurturing, mutually supportive growth process that maximizes the potential of all.
122 The only way you can change anyone else is to change yourself.
123 A guess is deeper consciousness trying to get your attention.
124 Whatever the problem, others have experienced it.
125 The direction you are heading is more important than your current location.
126 Centering time is necessary to nourish your inner strength and your emotional, intellectual, physical, and essential growth.
127 Healing is not synonymous with recovery.
128 No matter what happens today, tomorrow can be a better day.
129 The finite contains a pattern of the infinite.
130 What you choose is what you are.
131 Violence and retaliation form a perpetual cycle; neither produces peace.
132 The first step toward changing your life is to change your mind.
133 To achieve fulfillment from your work or to contribute to the betterment of the universe are more reasonable measures of success than income.
134 Potential of the whole is maximized only when every part is optimized.
135 Each being is a fertile seed of infinite potential.
136 Equal treatment brings commensurate results.
137 You are unique; we are all the same.
138 Perfection is not only impossible, it is debilitating.
139 Living in fear will attract situations that cause just what you fear to happen.
140 Where inequity rules, no one is satisfied.
141 Your entire life led to this moment.
142 Energy's essence is a holographic whole.
143 Each choice creates the future.
144 The GroupMind has no conscience.
145 None is more complete than one who is just done.
146 When Us is more important than Them, They are expendable.
147 Silence is tacit consent.
148 Intimacy with those you trust is the greatest gift to share.
149 Realizing the essential wholeness of all is not the goal of life; the goal of life is to accomplish your highest good on the earthly level.
150 The basics are the most important.
151 Worrying about the future wastes the present.
152 Stress is optional.
153 Nurtured children grow our future.
154 You won't get new results if you repeat the same old actions.
155 Power is the true test of character.
156 The situation changes only when behavior changes.
157 A better technological package won't yield new output from the same input.
158 You cannot get different results if you do the same old thing.
159 Psychic sensitivity is the ability to recognize pattern from pieces of the whole.
160 Treating a symptom isn't a cure.
161 If you choose a road through life, you are following someone else's journey.
162 All possibility lies ahead.
163 Deep inner consciousness is neither unconscious nor unknowable; it is pre-verbal and communicates in images, feelings, patterns, and rhythms to structure meaning.
164 When you seek your own answers, you actually learn.
165 The foundation of prejudice is the fear of being found less.
166 Narrow vision has less power.
167 Others speak from a perspective you may have neither the time nor desire to experience yourself.
168 True giving requires a wealth of presence rather than a wealth of presents.
169 Learning from others can guide our choices of what to seek and what to avoid.
170 The life you want is yours to create.
171 Space and time, word and image, concepts and ideas, thought and abstract principles are units of consciousness.
172 To limit one, limits all.
173 Put in its proper perspective, any problem loses its power.
174 No matter what you say, the actions you take reflect your true convictions.
175 Passion fills life with the joy of every little triumph and the pain of each momentary despair, enabling us to feel wholly alive.
176 The whole is inseparable from its parts.
177 To approach each day with the freshness of a child makes the mundane special.
178 Balance keeps disequilibrium from sinking you into despair or send you spinning in an endless frenzy.
179 To question and to wonder open the door to possibility.
180 The earth is a self-regulating system.
181 The world is never stagnant.
182 Progress only comes through new ideas and change.
183 The present moment is the infinite potential.
184 Paved pathways never lead to new discoveries.
185 Change is the only permanent condition.
186 There is no cause; there is no effect; there is only chosen experience.
187 Worldly success is always impermanent.
188 The broader the vision, the more catalytic its power.
189 Success is not what you achieve but your satisfaction each moment along the way.
190 If you are satisfied in the present moment, it is a success.
191 We are all a part of the whole.
192 Questioning everything you are told allows you to decide if it is true for you.
193 To ignore the least is to miss significance.
194 Divisive cultures define the world in either-or terms (like win-or-lose).
195 A single moment of essential connection is enough to reveal infinite possibilities.
196 No body will live forever.
197 Physical health is not necessary for a healthy life.
198 The perfection of nature is the endless potential of its diversity.
199 Successful change creates new priorities.
200 Without awareness of another way, there appears to be only one solution.
201 Short term greed is never satisfied in the long run.
202 Truth is not enhanced by louder, faster, stronger, bigger, or more.
203 Imagination makes all things possible.
204 A smile perks you up along with those who see you, and even if you are alone, it makes the world a more pleasant place.
205 The universe is designed to give each individual and each group the opportunity to make the wrong choices as well as the right ones.
206 Overwhelming problems don't need to be part of everything you think and do.
207 It is impossible to learn another's lesson.
208 What appears today to be the worst is but one influence that may ultimately lead to greater good.
209 Without duality, there is no day, no night; there is no good or bad; there is no unknown, no mystery, no chance, no possibility one thing will happen and another not.
210 We give away our power if we accept a wrong that can be changed.
211 No matter how small a difference you make, you change the lives of those you touch.
212 You exist only in the present moment.
213 Sitting all day in meditation trying to find your spiritual connection won't release your energy into the world at the time and place that can make the difference.
214 The difference you make comes not from its outward guise but from the energy you impart and the intention and power you give it.
215 Life happens only in the present moment.
216 Thoughts, ideas, and insights create meaning in the world only when shared.
217 The gift of self cannot be duplicated, for no one is exactly like you.
218 The fulfillment of each personal connection is worth its ultimate loss.
219 At every age -- as an innocent and fragile infant at birth, an energetic and growing child in youth, a developing and maturing teen during adolescence, and the person who emerges to an adult life -- we each need nurture.
220 Individual wants, needs, goals, values, and purpose are as unique as each person.
221 Loving another as a part of your life or as a part of the world limits; loving the other as a separate and unique self empowers.
222 Nurtured seeds thrive in fertile ground.
223 The lens of distance and detachment is a mirrored surface for focusing reflection.
224 Endlessly spinning your wheels won't move you from a place where you no longer want to be.
225 The whole must include all, with nothing separate, nothing excluded.
226 The power to change exists in the present moment.
227 The past only predicts the future if the essential choices have not changed.
228 To repeat mistaken actions harder and longer only intensifies the unwanted results.
229 Circling the same block limits progress.
230 You cannot cause, control, or cure another's problems; you can only contribute.
231 Trying to force your way against the inertia of the Universe is self defeating.
232 Successful influence, like a sailboat on a tack, works in concert with external universal forces.
233 You take responsibility, when you respond consciously to a situation.
234 The universe is only each small thing in combination with infinite other small things.
235 Without compliance, power has no influence over others.
236 To artificially limit the possible choices or try to force only one solution never results in the optimal outcome.
237 True intimacy is the sharing of your innermost self.
238 Too much work or too much pleasure, too much self or too much others, too much thought or too much action, too much anything for that matter, distorts growth.
239 Thought, not force, is the vehicle of change.
240 If you inhibit your growth, you will never become the person you could be.
241 Our biggest mistakes are merely opportunities to learn universal lessons.
242 Every wrong turn represents an opportunity to change direction.
243 No matter how many facts you gather, your evaluation of the information is always subjective.
244 If you can't enjoy both work and life outside of work, all the salary and benefits in the world aren't worth it.
245 Expectations set up the let down of both success and failure.
246 If you consistently settle for less than what you want, you have lowered your expectations.
247 Truth resonates within.
248 Pretending a problem isn't there will not make it go away.
249 You are the creative force of the universe.
250 Life can be healthy and serene if you find the right perspective.
251 Neutrally observing life like a film brings a difficult situation into more objective focus.
252 If you've done everything you can think of without success, you are trying to solve the wrong problem.
253 The next right thing will happen if you just relax instead of trying to force a single outcome.
254 Actions forced by conscious will are self-defeating.
255 When you are ready, you figure out the way.
256 The written word is seed for future thought.
257 There is always more than enough.
258 Spirituality is our conscious connection to all that is beyond our surface understanding.
259 Focusing the present moment in the past or future prevents you from living it in the now.
260 There are easier and harder ways to learn each of life's lessons.
261 Surface reflections obscure reality's true depth.
262 Our customary rules of life are not the only way to live.
263 Yesterday is history.
264 Unhappiness is not fatal.
265 Feelings are your inner response to the environment.
266 A genuine smile expresses inner joy to the world and invites happiness.
267 Healthy living expresses excitement without fear.
268 You are doing exactly right for where you are now.
269 Everything that came before factors into this moment.
270 Every day provides opportunity to learn and progress and improve.
271 Life is a progressive journey that takes you ever closer to your goals and loves.
272 If you are getting results you don't want, you are honoring someone else's goals instead of your own.
273 You are already good and getting better.
274 Attainable goals are stepping stones for growth.
275 We bring into life the conditions and challenges we need to maximize the growth of the evolving self within.
276 Others will extend to you the same love you extend to your inner self.
277 Your self deserves to be nurtured as a cherished child or favorite friend.
278 Today's right may not be tomorrow's choice.
279 It is human to have -- and share insight into -- flaws.
280 You are responsible for your contribution to the situation.
281 When you take responsibility for your choices, you empower your self.
282 Telling another what to do usurps their responsibility.
283 You get some sort of satisfaction from every dysfunctional relationship you continue.
284 Each action provides a benefit, though not necessarily an enjoyable result.
285 While what's done can't be undone, it can be made better.
286 Problems don't have to take over your thoughts and your life.
287 To communicate requires that the message sent is the same one received -- and understood.
288 Recitation of rote responses short-circuits conscious consideration.
289 Verbal communication doesn't exist in a vacuum.
290 Non-verbal communication requires extra-sensory perceptions.
291 How you say something can be more important than what you say.
292 Heartstrings tie the web of life into CommonUnity.
293 To accept what is is not the same as to condone what is.
294 Often, what isn't said is more significant than what is.
295 Denying anger doesn't make it go away.
296 You cannot restructure reality to fit your picture of how the world does/ should operate.
297 If you can't express your inner, intangible self, you'll never be yourself.
298 Dealing with symptoms doesn't cure the underlying cause.
299 If you judge or attack others' opinions, yours loses impact.
300 Infinite potential is eternal.
301 The doubts you find within are the same questions others have asked.
302 Inconsequential drivel drowns out surfacing insight.
303 The experiences you seek to cover up as you work through the lessons of your life are the same experiences others seek to hide.
304 Negativity is never constructive.
305 You don't control life; you choose options.
306 The fears you try to mask are the same fears that others disguise with pretense, false fronts, and deception.
307 Control is temporal.
308 The thoughts you consider new and private and yours alone are thoughts others have had before.
309 When you stop forcing one single solution, alternatives you never considered become obvious.
310 Every human has the right to make personal life choices and the responsibility to deal with the consequences.
311 To live your dreams ends the dream.
312 Expecting others to do as you say -- or even as you do -- is tyrannical.
313 Self-esteem flourishes when you seek to grow to full potential, encouraging progress while unconditionally accepting your current state.
314 It is as important to recognize your accomplishments as it is to learn from mistakes.
315 Sufficiently developed personal values seek no external approval.
316 You know your own worth when you care for your self as easily as you care for others.
317 Isolating your self from other people is limiting.
318 Neither pity nor guilt is a form of love.
319 Being strong does not require a life of daily crisis.
320 Assuming responsibilities that rightfully belong to others deprives them of an opportunity to learn and grow.
321 The world is flavored by diversity.
322 Thinking becomes distorted when you focus obsessively on forcing one single outcome.
323 You can't control others' actions, only your own actions and your reactions to others' actions.
324 Every difficult situation arises as a result of acts -- of omission as often as commission.
325 Every action creates consequences.
326 You are not ready to actively pursue change until you are willing to live with any of the various possible consequences.
327 No situation is hopeless.
328 Hope that constricts is merely a disguise for control.
329 Our essential being is never limited by any body.
330 No one can force you to change against your will, nor can you force change on anyone else.
331 To change, a person must be receptive, ready, and choose to act.
332 Society in general or another individual can only take advantage of you if you comply.
333 People often go through life playing roles according to rules they learned so long ago they don't even know that they're stuck in the past.
334 The only way to avoid doing harm is to avoid wronging anyone.
335 Amends for a wrong are right when we acknowledge it, take responsibility for our part in it, and go on to do better.
336 Amends cannot undo a wrong any more than mending a porcelain vase can make it whole.
337 Repeating a mistake means its lesson hasn't yet been learned.
338 No experience is unique except in its details.
339 Reaching out when we need help lets us learn from the experience of others.
340 It is as important to learn from the failures of others as from the successes.
341 Involvement teaches a more rigorous lesson.
342 Sharing experience and hope is the best comfort we can offer each other.
343 Anyone who strives to make someone less in order to be more will never achieve greatness.
344 Sometimes it's best to quit a game and choose something else to do.
345 If at first you don't succeed, do something different the next time.
346 If you keep running into the same problems over and over, you haven't yet learned the lesson.
347 When you don't learn a lesson the easy way, you get more difficult problems to practice on.
348 Complexity is a combination of small simple things.
349 Just because you can handle it doesn't mean you have to.
350 Your self is as worthy of concern and compassion as a child held within your heart.
351 You get back what you give out.
352 Love grows when understanding is tempered by caring.
353 Changing your mind changes the rules of life.
354 Negativity is just a way of thinking; you can change your mind.
355 The past may be over and done, but how you think of it can make it better or worse.
356 No matter how bad the experience, you can benefit from it.
357 For every seemingly negative experience, infinite positive results are possible.
358 Every great tragedy has within it the seeds of redemption.
359 Right and wrong are never absolute.
360 If you aren't true to your self, no one else can be.
361 What you accept from life is what you get.
362 What remains unmet is want, not need.
363 What doesn't come naturally isn't needed.
364 Choosing not to act acts to affirm the status quo.
365 The consequences of inaction are equally your responsibility.
366 Failing to act achieves less than failure.
367 The person who is cruel to animals or children has failed to receive enough love.
368 The map is never the territory.
369 Things are not equivalent to love.
370 Expelling all outside influences helps you find your true self.
371 To try is not to do.
372 To do is not to be.
373 To be, step back from experience.
374 You can only live what is within your experience.
375 To settle for less lowers the standard.
376 Rewards reinforce behavior; punishment rewards bad behavior.
377 Every action produces change.
378 Science and spirituality are not mutually exclusive.
379 Essential commonality forms the core concepts of every religion and every great system of truths.
380 Religion is ritual from a time gone by; spirituality is timeless insight.
381 Truth can be found within.
382 An instant of insight can reveal more than a lifetime of discovery.
383 Rigidity cannot withstand the winds of change.
384 Spirituality grows from the conscious discovery of wonder in the ordinary moments of every day.
385 All things are understood in the infinite depths of awareness.
386 Conscious connection to the universe within brings peace, wonder, and contentment.
387 A narrow focus limits.
388 For every choice there are consequences.
389 Those who want more will never have enough.
390 Unless it is safe to fail, few will try to succeed.
391 When the pupil is ready, the lesson emerges from every direction.
392 Control requires consent.
393 Feelings are internal; no one else can cause them.
394 You can create an environment for change.
395 Unless something changes, no matter how much harder you try, you'll get the same result.
396 Being the best we can be and helping all others to achieve the same maximizes the potential of us all.
397 All things are possible when you remove the mental limits.
398 Without question, societal programming induces characteristics attributed to gender, race, or heredity.
399 Common social practices affect the way people perceive themselves and others.
400 Conditioning hides the obvious in plain sight.
401 Language reinforces societal bias.
402 Fear of inferiority causes weak people to create rules defining themselves as superior.
403 When you worry about being better than another, you cannot focus on being your best.
404 You never become more if you make someone else less.
405 As long as any individual or group keeps another down, it is impossible to maximize the whole.
406 Only when every part is enabled without limitation can the infinite potential be realized.
407 The best day to make the change you desire is always today.
408 The famous, worldly, and powerful are limited, whereas the unknown, spiritual, and vulnerable have limitless potential.
409 The earth maintains a self-regulating natural balance to preserve the stability of its life-supporting environment.
410 Human societies consequentially impact their habitat.
411 Each person, animal, and thing is a cog in the machinery of life, contributing to the homeostasis (dynamic equilibrium) of the earth's biosphere.
412 Caring for the environment shows self respect.
413 Life works perfectly to bring us the exact experiences we need to grow.
414 Your experiences -- whether failure or success -- are not you.
415 Life is a learning process.
416 Every relationship is a learning experience.
417 A healthy relationship always allows you to retain self-love, self-intimacy, your sense of self -- and your friends, too.
418 Peace, love, joy, and wisdom are infinite.
419 Universal truth resides in the quiet peace of our inmost guidance.
420 Attention to inner guidance allows any needed answer to surface.
421 Answers are not always in the affirmative.
422 What you think about a person or situation is only a thought -- and you can always change your mind.
423 Now is the most important moment of your life.
424 Everything you've done till now has been practice for this moment.
425 Fear is habitual negative thinking; negative thinking can be changed.
426 What you think becomes your experience; thoughts you repeat become your memory of the experience.
427 If you don't like how things are, you can choose to change the rules.
428 Instead of complaining, it is more productive to change the problem into a solution.
429 You can change the past.
430 Greed and selfishness only create a desire for MORE.
431 More doesn't make it better.
432 What you experience in the world is a reflection of the patterns you form and hold within.
433 Rethinking its interpretation can change your experience.
434 Tiny changes kaleidoscope life into new patterns.
435 Every experience is an opportunity.
436 Your storehouse of wisdom and truth grows from every experience.
437 When you are ready to learn, the same old lesson suddenly has new meaning.
438 Holding in feelings ends more relationships than healthy conflict.
439 The better you are to your self, the better you can be to everyone else.
440 No one in the world is more important than your self.
441 No matter what kind of a day you are having, it can improve.
442 Sharing life's problems lessens your troubles; sharing life's joys enriches the world.
443 The actor is not the action.
444 Someone else will answer opportunity's knock if you don't.
445 Ignoring a situation will not change the situation but may worsen the circumstances.
446 A relationship that compromises one of your core values is neither honest nor healthy.
447 Worrying about the past changes nothing.
448 Anticipating the future is an exercise in futility.
449 Changing your mind is always an option.
450 Whatever you seek is already there.
451 No one needs to earn the right to exist.
452 From birth, our pre-verbal minds are imprinted with cultural customs and societal values.
453 We only think our internalized reality is the way of the world.
454 Traditions and rituals strengthen group bonds.
455 Exclusion is the price for violating group rules.
456 Loss removes obstacles to gain.
457 When old ways no longer suit, fashions change.
458 Exclusive rules make unity impossible.
459 Unity can be achieved only if there is a single whole.
460 An exclusive Us group necessarily requires an opposing Them.
461 You give energy and power to every group with which you interact.
462 If you subscribe to many external beliefs and groups, your energy is scattered.
463 If you focus on problems and what could go wrong, you enhance negative likelihoods; if you imagine positive results, you increase the probability of a good outcome.
464 Dwelling on the past or a wrong or something you don't want increases its power in your life.
465 When you focus on another person, you can't envision your own goals.
466 Resenting what someone did or didn't do builds that person or action into a stumbling block on your path forward.
467 If you stop fighting your opponents, they will find something else to do.
468 Each relationship you form guides you a step along your life journey.
469 Each successive opportunity you have to learn a universal lesson usually seems harder, but in reality, it is merely more obvious (at least from a retrospective point of view).
470 A minority in Me-against-The-World isolation polarizes life into oppositional extremes.
471 For many people, it is far easier to bare the flesh than to share a personal or unconventional idea.
472 True intimacy risks vulnerability of the heart and mind.
473 To know and accept the innermost self is the most complex and simple process a person can undertake.
474 Decisions are easy if you allow internal intuition and insight to guide you.
475 Making a life is more important than how you make a living.
476 Creative thinkers and individuated, personally empowered workers never fit into a bureaucratic peg.
477 Intent forged in the crucible of desire can ignite a spark of creativity with unextinguishable passion and, if fanned by effort, set the world on fire.
478 Perks sold on the rushhour interstate hold little value along the meandering road less travelled.
479 A life of substance doesn't require material wealth or worldly power (or even rewards and recognition).
480 Potential results are unrelated to "positive" or "negative" labels.
481 Healthy decisions allow you to respect your self.
482 If you are stimulated to action by a sense of obligation that feels burdensome, you are seeking to meet someone else's expectations.
483 If you change anything to please another, you give away your power.
484 Blaming others for what happens gives your power away.
485 Feeling drained by a person or situation is a signal you should leave.
486 Staying in a situation you know to be bad is fear-based.
487 Every negative experience is an opportunity for positive growth.
488 When you no longer fit in with a company or group, it is time to move on.
489 Unconditional love allows you to express your true values and feelings, even if they don't fit the expected, socially accepted norm.
490 Nothing external is necessary to make you whole.
491 Each part of the whole has an equally necessary unique contribution to share.
492 You cannot open to new possibilities if you limit what you are willing to consider.
493 Inertia holds in place any condition accepted without conscious thought.
494 Conscious thought can change reality.
495 If you believe you create your own reality, it is inconsistent to blame others for your problems.
496 That which we haven't learned we must repeat, usually more intensely.
497 As choices swing local or worldwide favor between fervor and loathing, polarity increases.
498 Each action is the next step on a continuum of motion from the point of origin to a new conclusion.
499 Continuing opposition never resolves issues; working toward common goals redefines issues and allows them to be mutually resolved.
500 Any individual/group member giving energy to a choice is responsible for its consequences.
501 Collective inertia influences the results of group choices; individual choices can enable group views to change.
502 Compassion evolves when you realize others are as ignorant in their struggles to overcome life's difficulties as you have been.
503 When you recognize similarities, differences dwindle to insignificance.
504 Love is expansive and limitless.
505 The more love you give, freely and without expectation of return, the more love is available.
506 Grace and mercy always create forgiveness.
507 For constructive present action, energy must be released from the past.
508 Using energy effectively feels effortless.
509 From the calmness of plenty, it is easy to plan to share equally, but when scarcity agitates desires, equanimity is possible only for those with enlightened needs.
510 A touchstone to the infinite exisits within.
511 Truth is more than saying the right thing; you must live it each day and express it in all aspects of your daily life.
512 Inner guidance overcomes any matter of external circumstance.
513 Humble appearances often house noble inspirational existence.
514 If you give and give until it feels like sacrifice, you aren't doing your fair share for humanity.
515 Equitable choices balance others' needs with your own.
516 Lies, even those disguised as enculturated truths, feel dissonant.
517 Quiet within allows you to recognize the difference between right and wrong, love and fear, truth and denial.
518 When the teaching is ready, the collective conscious begins to learn.
519 Evolution, at the individual level as well as for the whole, is cyclical and iterative and sequential.
520 Teaching history never prevents its repetition.
521 With each iteration, a lesson costs more.
522 When you follow the crowd rather than your inner urgings, the group gains inertia.
523 Developing conscious choice essentially guides life.
524 Conscious choice disentangles the conflict between inner values and external actions.
525 If you ignore your inner guidance, your mind and heart will always be in conflict.
526 Each choice you make is the correct one to move you to your next lesson.
527 Every choice is effective.
528 There are many paths to the same destination.
529 Choosing is hard only when you believe that one choice is better.
530 The universe is much bigger than you or I or any individual.
531 Consequences may not be immediately obvious.
532 Short term ease does not eliminate the risk of long range danger.
533 The outcome of a choice is only known in retrospect.
534 Each group you join uses part of your resources -- money, power, energy -- to enact the choices it wants.
535 To make a choice different from the group's, you must consciously take back your energy.
536 Spending the present moment thinking of the past or anticipating the future keeps you from investing in progress.
537 How you think of your self and the world creates your version of reality.
538 What you hold in your mind colors the light of consciousness passing through.
539 Consciously uniting deeper into inner awareness creates new perceptions.
540 Thoughts created in your mind can lead to new realizations only when you open to possibility.
541 Those who ask new questions must be willing to look beyond memorized texts and standardized choices for the answers.
542 The totally unknown isn't discovered by looking at a map.
543 A map is only as useful as its ability to guide you where you want to go.
544 We learn from the consciousness deep within as much as from outside information.
545 You cannot rely on existing maps if you want to venture off the path and forge a new way through unexplored territory.
546 The only way a person can know what goes on inside another is to be told.
547 Wisdom grows both by searching continually for the difference between truth and illusion and through life experiences that reveal the common unity of being.
548 Detachment separates the mind from distorting perceptions and external influences.
549 The mind has many capacities.
550 Distracted minds cannot focus consciously.
551 Those who strive to quell the mind prevent interaction with deeper consciousness.
552 Consciously connecting into deeper awareness reveals more possibilites.
553 Without insight, vision, and imaginative creativity, people would stay locked in the known world, searching endlessly for a way out of the deadend maze of the world as it is.
554 New information is necessary to become aware of the world that could be.
555 Each step higher up the mountain of inquiry brings a broader panorama of the answer.
556 Boundlessness is paradoxically both humbling and expansive.
557 Our surface consciousness of which we are day to day aware is verbal, talking clearly, often in ways that distract from less obvious inner ruminations.
558 Free interplay of awareness allows meaning to surface into consciousness.
559 Conscious verbal expression cannot encompass the magnitude of the infinite.
560 Thinking cannot effectively encompass the unimaginable magnitude of the infinite.
561 Understanding the infinite is uniquely filtered by each experience and personal perspective.
562 To achieve a more transcendent orientation, you must learn to question everything.
563 When you transcend the reality you know, you enter an unknown dimension.
564 Rules bound by time (it takes time to succeed) and perception (you have to see it to believe it) don't need to apply for changes ruled by attitude, belief, or consciousness.
565 Being doesn't require doing.
566 The body is a vehicle for traveling life's journey.
567 All thought is finite; the mind cannot experience the infinite.
568 At its most basic level, every finite thing models the infinite.
569 Spirituality cannot be attained just by thinking.
570 To the thinking mind, the eternal energy from which physical manifestation begins and into which it reunites at the physical end appears as "nothingness."
571 Infinite possibiities have no limits, no constraints, no restrictions, no boundaries, no rules.
572 Since energy is never lost, what we have learned must be converted into something universally useful at death.
573 Immersing in the wonder of each moment liberates potential.
574 To choose wisely maximizes potential.
575 Bringing the external world into congruence with the consciousness deep within brings peace.
576 The whole is more than the sum of its parts.
577 The whole is not everything.
578 Being you is something entirely new.
579 Every person is different, indispensible, and the creative force of the evolving universe.
580 Thinking something is true does not make it Truth unless it equally applies for all.
581 Ineffable inner awareness of indescribable surety is as valid a confirmation from the consciousness deep within as any visible, auditory, or tactile perception of it.
582 Enlightenment is literal as well as figurative, lightening life's burdens as the mind sheds its weighty sense of being.
583 Change of form births newness, but the entirety remains unchanged.
584 External life is powered by its essence within.
585 The energy of life is always within and around us.
586 Opening to the infinite potential makes all things possible.
587 Those who are open to the infinite potential live in peace.
588 Inconsequential chatter cannot relieve the weight of your thoughts.
589 Before the beginning was infinite potential.
590 Within each being is infinite potential.
591 Violated values create negative consequences.
592 To desire nothing is not the same as to desire oblivion.
593 An open mind is the power of reinvention.
594 No thing is equivalent to love.
595 Process creates progress.
596 Today manifests yesterday's potential.
597 Safety resists change; change requires risk.
598 Forgiveness as your first reaction leaves more to give and less to grieve.
599 The best answer forms in wordless silence.
600 Silence may be the best short run answer but is never a long term solution.
601 Education is social conditioning; learning is experiential conditioning.
602 A closed mind never opens to truth.
603 One victory by force begs another.
604 Success is best judged by its cost.
605 Guaranteed success is an oxymoron.
606 Money enables.
607 Being prepared to accept the worst possible, pleasantly surprises.
608 The cycle of life assures renewal.
609 Ethical choices respect the needs of the whole over the greed of the few.
610 What does not move forward loses ground.
611 Consider all possibilities first for all do not last.
612 Like a river, life flows unaided, unprompted, unstoppable.
613 Truth denies nothing.
614 Essence is all important because all is essential to the whole.
615 Those who let others take the lead are equally responsible for the outcome.
616 All that you seek is already there.
617 Unity empowers infinite potential.
618 Heros are myths we're taught to believe in.
619 Conflicting awareness creates confusion.
620 Content doesn't make us content.
621 When "fine" is the social standard, discontent demands denial.
622 To attract love, first love your self.
623 Fundamentalism is GroupThink at its most mindless.
624 Meaning surfaces nonverbally in silence.
625 Repeating the past looks backward.
626 Spirit is deeper than thought.
627 Spirit is always within and never without.
628 Letting go with love is always a trial, but heartstrings hold no matter.
629 The heart is lightened when pain and suffering lessens.

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